Microsoft not releasing Windows 7 E

drew 03 Aug , 2009 0 comments Windows 7

Microsoft announced recently that they will not be releasing a separate “E” version of Windows 7 for Europe to comply with EU regulations regarding Internet Explorer.  Instead, they will release a regular Windows 7 edition with a ballot screen, which prompts the user to select the web browser they would like to download.

Microsoft Connect Windows 7 testers to get free copy

drew 30 Jul , 2009 0 comments Windows 7

While Microsoft had originally decided to thank the MS Connect testers of Windows 7 with a kind word and a discounted price on a Win 7 upgrade, they have had a change of heart and decided to reward the testers with a free full copy of the upcoming OS. This is for MS Connect testers only, not everyone that downloaded the beta or RC.


Microsoft and Yahoo announce 10 year partnership

This morning Microsoft and Yahoo have announced a 10 year deal in which MS will have access to Yahoo’s search technology (and presumably incorporate some of it into Bing) and Yahoo will take over as the main advertisement provider for Bing.  There were talks a few months back between the two companies in which it was speculated that Microsoft would purchase Yahoo, but that deal fell through.

In case you’re not familiar with Bing, it is Microsoft’s new search engine (which they call a “decision engine”), which has replaced their former Live search engine.  This is MS’ attempt to better compete with Google.  In case you need some instruction on Bing, made an “educational” video:


Classic Menu for Office 2007 (for free)

drew 28 Jul , 2009 0 comments Office 2007

Many folks still don’t care for (or care to learn) the “new” (it’s been almost 3 years) layout of Office 2007. Well, everyone had better get used to it; it’s hear to stay. If you’re still grasping for Office of the past, though, I have a plugin for Office that will give you your classic menus. Find them here:

Windows 7 RTM available August 6th!

drew 21 Jul , 2009 0 comments Windows 7

That’s right, Windows 7 RTM will be available to MSDN/TechNet subscribers on Thursday, August 6th. If history tells us anything, it will be sure to hit the torrent trackers shortly after. I’ll be sure to pick my copy up on TechNet ASAP. Let the countdown begin!

Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2009 has begun

As of 8:30 CDT (9:30 EST) WPC 2009 has started.  Steve Ballmer is expected to give his keynote speech tomorrow sometime, during which, Windows 7 is expected to be announced as finally gone RTM.  Also, more information is expected to be released regarding Office 2010, which is expected to release during the first half of 2010.  A few months back the Office 2010 Technical Preview was leaked on the web.  Those that have tested it (including myself) have all been very satisfied with it.  To the average user, it doesn’t appear to be too much of an improvement over Office 2007, but one of the most anticipated “features”, if you will, is a 64-bit version.  This will provide performance improvements for users with 64-bit processors (and that are running 64-bit OS’s).

Possible Windows 7 RTM (x64) Leaked

drew 13 Jul , 2009 0 comments Windows 7

A leaked build of Windows 7, claiming to be RTM build 7600 has hit the torrent sites.  I personally will be waiting for the official announcement of RTM (which is expected to be tomorrow during Steve Ballmer’s keynote speech at WPC 2009 in New Orleans) before downloading and upgrading, but for anyone interested, the information is as follows:

File Name: 7600.16384.090710-1945_x64fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULXFRER_EN_DVD.iso
Build Version: 6.1.7600.16384.win7_rtm.090710-1945 or 7600.16384.090710-1945
Size: 3,224,717,312
SHA1: 31849B315290EFABFD81F967ED3C553D82925E4C
MD5: E6CE9644D0C7A8E1C950D257A7B2C8A4


IE Vulnerability Found

A recently discovered vulnerability in Internet Explorer has the potential for an attacker to take remote control of an exploited machine.  This vulnerability lies within ActiveX video controls.  Microsoft recommends disabling ActiveX support (or at least use ActiveX controls with caution).  This only effects XP & 2003 users (possibly 2000, I’m not sure) using IE 6 & 7.  If you haven’t already, download and upgrade to IE8.


Windows 7 7264 Leaked

drew 05 Jul , 2009 0 comments Windows 7

32bit & 64bit versions of Windows 7 7264 are now available on the torrent sites.  These builds were compiled on June 22nd.  Since we are now deep into the RTM-Escrow branch, the Beta & RC keys don’t work anymore.  No problem!  Just rearm the activation. The details of the builds are as follows:

32-bit Windows 7 Build 7264 (x86) ISO File Details

File Name: 7264.0.090622-1900_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULXFRER_EN_DVD
Size: 2,444,688 KB
CRC: 0B916606
MD5: 44F04E9E5762714C3D75A3C9C88DE251
SHA1: 59BA011913B00A820A1E002B9BEDEF139AE15B07

Download: 7264.0.090622-1900_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULFRER_EN_DVD.iso.torrent

64-bit Windows 7 Build 7264 (x64) ISO File Details

File Name: 7264.0.090622-1900_x64fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULXFRER_EN_DVD
Size: 3,150,518 KB
CRC: 05F87B79
MD5: 670818DB149170C652414E1F75E9390C
SHA1: C6FE386E97944511820291F515A8CBB3DDA329A6

Download: 7264.0.090622-1900_x64fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULXFRER_EN_DVD.iso.torrent

Microsoft Security Essentials Beta available

In case you were not aware, Microsoft has been working on a new free antivirus program to replace their OneCare security product.  This program was codenamed “Morro” but has recently been announced as “Microsoft Security Essentials”.  While the public beta was limited to 75,000 people, the installer was quickly mirrored elsewhere, so here is a link to Softpedia’s page for it.  I’m using it on a few PCs and I’m thoroughly impressed.  Give it a shot, especially if your current A/V subscription is expired.