Outlook 2010–High CPU Usage <Solved>

I noticed yesterday that whenever I had Outlook 2010 open on my home PC that my CPU utilization was very high.  Outlook appeared to be taking up 50% of my processor.  I had no idea why it was doing this, and I wasn’t sure how long it had been doing so.  I rarely use Outlook […]

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Office 2010 Beta available on Torrent sites

As the title suggests, the Beta of Microsoft Office 2010 is now available on Torrent sites all across the interwebs. Here’s a TPB link (includes x86 & x64 versions).  So far, I’m really liking 2010.  The most noticeable change to me is the addition of the Ribbon to Outlook.  The layout seems a bit more […]

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Classic Menu for Office 2007 (for free)

drew 28 Jul , 2009 0 comments Office 2007

Many folks still don’t care for (or care to learn) the “new” (it’s been almost 3 years) layout of Office 2007. Well, everyone had better get used to it; it’s hear to stay. If you’re still grasping for Office of the past, though, I have a plugin for Office that will give you your classic […]

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