Google Maps update problems on Droid Froyo

drew 23 Jun , 2010 0 comments Android

I’ve been running and RC build of Android 2.2 aka Froyo on my Motorola Droid for a few weeks.  It’s great, overall, but there are still a few quirks.  One of the most noticeable issues is that Google Maps doesn’t like to update. To manually fix Maps, modify /data/system/packages.xml, removing the section that starts with: […]

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The Motorola Droid is the bomb

drew 27 May , 2010 0 comments Android, Phones

I recently purchased a Motorola Droid smartphone.  I was looking forward to the Android operating system that it comes with and am very impressed with the amount of progress that has been made in the modding community.  There are tons of alternative firmwares available across the web that include tons of different enhanced features, including […]

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