Microsoft Security Essentials Beta available

In case you were not aware, Microsoft has been working on a new free antivirus program to replace their OneCare security product.  This program was codenamed “Morro” but has recently been announced as “Microsoft Security Essentials”.  While the public beta was limited to 75,000 people, the installer was quickly mirrored elsewhere, so here is a link to Softpedia’s page for it.  I’m using it on a few PCs and I’m thoroughly impressed.  Give it a shot, especially if your current A/V subscription is expired.

Pre-order Windows 7 Upgrade

drew 03 Jul , 2009 0 comments Windows 7

If you haven’t heard, you can now pre-order your copy of Windows 7 Home Premium & Professional Upgrade for a discounted price. Visit this Microsoft page for retailers making this available.  I almost purchased a Professional upgrade for myself until I saw the recent TechNet discount that offers a 1 yr subscription for only $250, which unfortunately, expires today.


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I’m Drew Green, from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.  I’m an avid technology fan and a Sr. Client Systems Administrator at a local technology services provider.  I’m a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator as well as A+, Network+ and Security+ certified.

At, you’ll find information pertaining to the new and upcoming releases of Microsoft Windows, as well as info about other current MS products.

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