CA ITM (business antivirus/anti-malware) sucks!

Like the title says, CA Integrated Threat Management (aka CA ITM, eTrust ITM, etc) is god-awful!  We’ve been running it at my office for almost two years and I’m glad to say we are NOT renewing the subscription.  I can’t count how many infections I’ve removed from employee’s PCs that CA has missed but free programs (like Malwarebytes AntiMalware, SUPERAntispyware, and even ClamWin) have caught.  It’s just pathetic.  I feel compelled to let the world know how horrible this product is.

Ever since I’ve been in charge of the IT department at my office (approx. 4 months now), I’ve been patiently awaiting the day when we can ditch CA ITM for something, anything better.  I finally have that opportunity later this month, and as such, I’ve been working hard evaluating other antivirus solutions.  The top 3 I had to decide between were Sunbelt Vipre, Kaspersky Business, and NOD32 Business.  I ended up choosing NOD32.  I’ve been using NOD32 on my business PC for over a year now (since I didn’t trust CA), so between that, reviews, and the extensive real-world testing I conducted (by creating my own virus “zoo”, if you will), I feel comfortable that NOD32 will provide my company with sufficient protection (something they are NOT used to).

I just spent 4 hours (on Easter Sunday) removing a Vundo infection from a co-worker’s PC.  This is the last straw! Since our CA subscription expires in less than 60 days, and we’ve already purchased our NOD32 license (we got a great deal – 100 licenses, which work on servers or workstations, for 3 years, for $2420), I decided to remove CA and put NOD32 on this workstation as our first live test machine.

I didn’t get an opportunity to attempt to remove the infection with NOD32, however, since I wanted to clean the machine with MBAM, ComboFix and SUPERAntispyware first.  I took a screenshot of what SUPERAntispyware found, just for evidence that CA does NOT catch severe infections.

So with that, I warn you, please STAY AWAY from CA ITM!

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