Solution for Subnet Conflict Between VPN and LAN

We had an issue at work where VPN users are having intermittent difficulty reaching servers due to a subnet conflict, ie the VPN network is 192.168.1.X, and so is the LAN they’re connecting from. It displayed itself in a strange way: application connections would fail repeated attempts, but after pinging the servers in question the first ping would fail but the next 3 would work, and then the application would work, for a while. Finally I developed a solution for this. Here’s what I did: create a Powershell script that identifies the IP address of the VPN connection, then create a static route for the and subnets (since that’s another common home subnet, as well as one running at the office) going out the VPN connection’s IP with a lower metric number than everything else. Then, set a scheduled task to run automatically when the VPN connection occurs (task triggered by event). Save the script as “Fix_VPN.ps1” at the root of the C drive and import the scheduled task (you may need to make sure that the event I have triggering this is also being generated by whatever VPN solution you’re using; we’re using built in RAS (SSTP)).

Powershell Script:

$ErrorActionPreference= 'silentlycontinue'
$ip = $null
$nics = [System.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface]::GetAllNetworkInterfaces()
foreach ($nic in $nics) {
   if($nic.Name -like "*VPN*"){
      $props = $nic.GetIPProperties()
      $addresses = $props.UnicastAddresses
      foreach ($addr in $addresses) {
         $ip = $($addr.Address.IPAddressToString)
if($ip -ne $null){
   route delete METRIC 1 | Out-Null
   route delete METRIC 1 | Out-Null
   route add mask $ip METRIC 1 | Out-Null
   route add mask $ip METRIC 1 | Out-Null

Scheduled Task:

   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
    <Task version="1.2" xmlns="">
          <Subscription>&lt;QueryList&gt;&lt;Query Id="0" Path="System"&gt;&lt;Select Path="System"&gt;*[System[Provider[@Name='Rasman'] and EventID=20267]]&lt;/Select&gt;&lt;/Query&gt;&lt;/QueryList&gt;</Subscription>
        <Principal id="Author">
      <Actions Context="Author">

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